In this post, I'm going to talk about the places I want to visit during my lifetime from all around the world.

1- Chatsworth House

Chatsworth House is a stately home in Derbyshire, England. It is surrounded by 1,000 acres of parkland. And the mansion was built in the 1560s. I discovered this building due to Pride and Prejudice novel, from Jane Austen and also the film.

There are over 25 rooms, from the magnificent Painted Hall, regal State Rooms, restored Sketch Galleries and beautiful Sculpture Gallery. And a breathtaking garden with a complex blend of features from six different centuries

Currently there's a chance to visit the mansion by booking tickets

2- Starfield Library

Starfield library is located in Gangnam, Seoul, Korea. It is inside Starfield Coex Mall, Asia’s biggest underground shopping mall.

In 28,000 m² of space spread across two floors, 4 imposing 13-metre-high columns-bookcases

There are areas for reading, giving presentations and holding conferences. It's meticulously furniture features chairs and different shades

3- Tianjin Binhai library

Tianjin Binhai Library is part of German archictect's GMP's, built in 2017 with 33,700m2. It is located in the district Binhai in Tianjin, in the suburbs of Pekin.

This cultural centre features a luminous spherical auditorium known as the "Eye" and floor-to ceiling cascading bookcases.

The five-level building contains diverse educational facilities, arrayed along the edges of the interior and accessed through the main atrium space.

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4- Stuttgart City Library

Stuttgart City library is located Stuttgart in the south of Germany. It was realed in october of 2011 and designed by the south korean Yi Architects. Who won the competition.The construction costs amounted to almost 80 million euros, including 4 million for the interior design.

It offers space for 500,000 media units on two underground and nine above-ground floors. The basic shape of the library is a cuboid with a square base area of 44 meters side length and a height of 40 meters. Because the architects wanted to manifest the importance of this cultural centre by giving the building a grand physical presence.

One curious thing is that at the "heart" of the library no book can be seen, except for the water features into the floor.