Tiny living


One of the main things that got me into architecture were tiny houses. These tiny houses can be from 60 square meters to 10, and also it can be a flat or even a small cabin.

This type of building generally focuses on having the necessary objects while trying to use sustainable resources like recycled materials or renewable energy (but not always has to be like that). Moreover, they are relocatable and affordable housing.

Its interior design needs to be very precise and every object needs to have a utility. But every tiny house is customizable, from the structure design to the interior.

From my perspective, tiny houses are going to be the future in architecture especially in really populated areas like cities. What's more, it has been considered as a solution for homeless people.

Apart from living these tiny houses have been used for touristic utilities. Like tree houses or capsules

All in all, this can be a different choice from the classical house, letting it be more affordable, customizable and movable.

Here is a list of my favourite tiny houses

  • never too small (youtube channel): 40 sqm small apartment - London house.
  • living big in a tiny house ( yt): 3 x 20ft Shipping Containers Turn Into Amazing Compact Home
  • tree hotel: the mirror cube
  • Others