Caves of Batán

The caves of the Batán have their origin in the Muslim era of Paterna, Valencia. At that time they were dwellings for the inhabitants with fewer resources. Today there is a set of eight interconnected caves that due to their historical and architectural importance have been declared of cultural interest.

This place is currently used as a museum of temporary exhibitions and models related to local customs. The best room is the overwhelming reproduction of how a dwelling was through an original cave as it conveys the mixture of emotions characteristic of when living underground, as in a bunker. And not only are they incredible from within but from the surface of Paterna you can see their very recognizable whitewashed chimneys very close to the no less emblematic monument of Calvary. The Batán is not the only set of caves-housing of Paterna, the municipal library is located in another of the dependencies of the caves, Cova Gran

Recently these Caves have become more popular due to the film "Dolor y Gloria", directed by Almodóvar. Which won 7 Goyas. Many scenes were filmed inside the caves and outside them. <<I chose this space because I wanted to contrast the gloomy and humiliating memories that a poor mother has of the postwar period with the illusion of the child who is content to see the sun through the skylight of the cave>> said Almodovar during an interview.