Kazuyo Sejima

Kazuyo Sejima was born in Ibaraki, Japan, in 1956. She got her master’s degree in architecture from Japan Women’s University. Sejima’s work soon earned national recognition and she even won award of Young Architect of the Year from the Japanese Institute of Architects in 1992.

Rolex learning center



Sejima then turned her firm into SANAA in collaboration with Ryue Nishizawa. SANAA has numerous projects of great recognition like The Rolex Learning Center in Switzerland,New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City or 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan. Kazuyo Sejima to direct the 12th Venice Architecture Biennal. Moreover She is one of the fith woman to won the Pritzer award with Ryue Nishizawa (SANAA).

As an architect, I feel it is part of our profession to use space as medium to express our through.

I see Kazuyo's point. Her architecture is distinguish because of its minimalism and simplism, which means that her thoughs are balanced and simple. Nevertheless, in architecture expressing a constant though can be challenging, due to the variety of mindsets and expressions that can differ in an architect life. Some works of architect can be very different from each piece and others share a great amont of similarities. So in my opinion I affirm this quote, beacuse at the end of the day architecture is a creative subjective tool, but in ocassions your thoughts of a place can differ in time.

21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa